‘He’s a coward,’ Tiffany Mogenson’s husband says of man responsible for her death; Maney sentenced to 188 months

Roy Lee Maney appeared in Johnson County Court Wednesday to enter a guilty plea in the case against him for killing Prairie Village resident Tiffany Mogenson.
Roy Lee Maney appeared in Johnson County Court in February to enter a guilty plea in the case against him for killing Prairie Village resident Tiffany Mogenson.

As had been expected after his plea agreement was approved by the court in February, Roy Lee Maney Wednesday was sentenced to more than 15 years in jail for the crash that killed Tiffany Mogenson at 75th Street and Roe Avenue in Prairie Village on October 11, 2013.

Before a packed courtroom Wednesday afternoon, Judge Brenda Cameron handed down the sentence that was essentially locked in by the plea bargain. That agreement dropped the first degree murder charge against Maney among others and left only the charges of reckless second degree murder and leaving the scene of an accident. Maney had pleaded guilty to both of those charges. It was an agreement to which Mogenson’s family had strongly objected.

Cameron’s sentence came after a series of emotional statements entered by Mogenson’s family. “He’s gutless. He’s a coward,” Mike Mogenson, Tiffany’s husband, told the court. “Did he stop and try to help her?” Mogenson asked, saying that Maney consistently tried to avoid responsibility.

Tiffany Mogenson’s mother, father, sister and aunt also addressed the court before the sentencing. “I never got to say goodbye to her,” said Randy Long, Tiffany’s father. “There is simply no adequate punishment. I am asking you judge to bring justice for Tiffany.”

“Eventually, his (Maney’s) sentence will be over,” Tiffany’s sister, Stacey Chaloux, said, “but ours never will be.”

Maney also spoke briefly before the sentencing. In a nearly inaudible apology, Maney said he was “sorry” for his actions. His attorney, Mark Dupree, said Maney had asked his family members not to speak on his behalf. Only a pastor spoke for him. Dupree said Maney had been drinking for 24 hours before he got in his car on October 11, 2013 in a “drunken state.” He said Maney was going through a divorce and had just received a call from his ex-wife before he took off in the car.

Maney has been in jail since he was caught by Prairie Village Police fleeing the scene of the crash on foot. In his sentence of 188 months — 154 months on the reckless second degree murder and 34 months on the charge of leaving the — he will be credited with the 18 months he has been jailed. He also will be eligible for good behavior which could reduce his remaining term to just over 12 more years. On the first degree murder charge, he could have faced a minimum of 25 years in prison.

One side of the courtroom Wednesday was filled with Mogenson’s family and the other side with family and friends supporting Maney. More than two dozen people were on each side of the courtroom.

After the sentencing, Maney’s supporters waited in the courtroom while Tiffany Mogenson’s family filed out. Then Maney, shackled through the entire proceeding, was taken out of the courtroom as family waived goodbye. Four armed deputies were present in the courtroom during the hearing and stood at strategic points throughout the courtroom.