Food on Friday: On the go with granola bars


By Julia Westhoff

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and we are out the door. For the next six months we will spend crazy amounts of time outside – walking, playing and rolling around in the dirt. There is nothing I love more than packing up my family and trekking off to one of the many parks we have at our disposal here in northeast Johnson County. And outdoorsing with two small children (and my husband, who epitomizes the word “hangry”) means I never fail to pack a few things: water, an extra pair of pants (I’ll let you decide for who) and snacks. The right snack can turn an ordinary walk to the park into a blissfully long and relaxed outing.

My go-to snacks right now are these granola bars. I’ve written about granola bars before, but a few weeks ago I really upped my game and experimented with four different recipes. What I present to you today is my perfect granola bar. It’s similar to those made by Quaker or Kudos, but a bit healthier. There are two key ingredients – crispy rice cereal and brown rice syrup. If you don’t mind using corn syrup you’ll be rewarded with an even chewier, bendier quality.

I made several batches of these, using variations of almond butter and Nutella, dried cherries, pepitas, raisins and various types of chocolate chips. They all turned out great and I look forward to snacking on these guys until the weather forces us back inside.

Here’s the recipe from Averie Cooks — it’s worth a try!