30-year Shawnee Mission counselor announces write-in campaign for SM North area board seat

Chris Cindric
Chris Cindric
A school counselor who spent 31 years in schools across the Shawnee Mission district announced Monday night that she would wage a write-in campaign for the SM North seat in April’s election.

Chris Cindric, who left Shawnee Mission four years ago to begin working in Basehor-Linwood, said the district’s and board of education’s response to the block grant bill passed by the Kansas Senate Monday prompted her to make the move.

“I absolutely oppose the district’s conditional support [of the block grants bill],” she said. “They should have stood up and said that’s not okay for kids today or down the road. There is no plan in place for what happens [after the block grants expire in two years].”

Cindric said she had spoken with incumbent Sara Goodburn about her concerns and “hadn’t been fully satisfied” with her response.

“She may very well have the best interests of the district at heart, but I didn’t get specific answers to my questions about how this system is going to impact different programs,” she said.

Goodburn responded to the news of Cindric’s decision to campaign by saying that “any citizen who wants to be involved should seek involvement at the appropriate level.”

Cindric also said she was upset with how quickly the block grants bill had been moved through the House and Senate.

“It happened too fast – we all needed more time to understand what this is going to do to our schools,” she said. “If it’s good for our kids, then, great, there’s no need to ram it through. But ramming it through is what happened.”

Cindric moved into the SM North area approximately five months ago after having lived nearby in the SM East area for 35 years. She said her recent move keeps her in the same zip code she’d been in at her previous home. She now works as a targeted case manager for developmentally disabled children and adults.

Goodburn drew a challenge from SM North area resident Mark Ellis prior to the filing deadline for the race. Cindric’s name will not appear alongside Goodburn and Ellis on the April 7 ballot.