Our questions for the Roeland Park City Council Candidates


Each election cycle, we ask candidates in some of the most-watched races for their thoughts on the issues that matter most to their constituency. Last week, we asked Roeland Park residents to send us their questions for the candidates for city council. Here’s the five item questionnaire we developed based on their input:

  • Last year the city council passed an anti-discrimination ordinance that added protection for sexual orientation and gender identity. If an effort is made to repeal those protections, would you vote to repeal or to keep the protections in place? Please explain the reason for your vote.
  • A citizens group has been raising money for improvements at R Park. Concerns also have been raised about the condition of Nall Park. What do you see as the city’s appropriate commitment to these and other park lands? What steps should the city be taking now?
  • The Roeland Park City Council is known for its lengthy discussions and multiple meetings. Do you believe procedural change is needed or do the long proceedings represent good process? Please explain changes you would encourage or why the current process serves the city well.
  • If Walmart does move out of Roeland Park, the city will lose substantial sales tax revenue. The city has already been budgeting for that possibility. However, if more of a financial pinch is felt by the city, would you encourage more cost-cutting or additional revenue generation to fill the gap? Specifically describe the actions you would support.
  • What steps could the city be taking to make Roeland Park a more appealing place to live for homebuyers?

We’ll start running the candidates responses next Monday, March 23.