Google Fiber contractors beginning utility pole work in Prairie Village


Good news for those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for news of Google Fiber’s entry into the Prairie Village market: residents in a handful of Prairie Village neighborhoods this week began receiving notice that PAR Electrical, a contractor working on Fiber installation in northeast Johnson County, is preparing to do “make-ready” work on utility poles in the city.

The “make-ready” work, which prepares utility poles for the hanging of new utility cables, can be completed without the approval of the city. Before Google begins installing actual Fiber cables in the city, it will be required to inform the Prairie Village city council. PAR crews are conducting similar work in Mission.

In Merriam, Roeland Park and Westwood, Google has sent letters to the city informing them it intends to provide service to the cities on or after Feb. 21.

Prairie Village City Administrator Quinn Bennion said Tuesday that the city had not yet received work permits from PAR, but that they had been “getting hints” that installation might be getting closer. PAR filed work permits with the city Wednesday morning.

AT&T announced the rollout of a competing high-speed Internet service in the Kansas City area it’s calling Gigapower this week, but aside from Leawood, no northeast Johnson County municipalities will be among the first wave of recipients.