Google’s letters to Merriam, Roeland Park, Westwood spark new hope that service is on the horizon

Google Fiber is currently working in Westwood to replace some conduit that was placed under private property in a few spots.
Google Fiber had to rework some neighborhoods in Westwood where the 

The prospect of Google Fiber finally showing up in Northeast Johnson County homes this year has gotten another small boost.

Last week we learned that Google was preparing to start building out the infrastructure for its fiber network in Mission. Crews there have begun replacing utility poles that are not adequate to handle another line.

This week letters from Google announcing that they intend to provide video service “on or after February 21” have shown up in Merriam, Roeland Park and Westwood on city council agendas. In all of those cities Google has been running cable underground and on poles for several months and the infrastructure build out is complete or close to completion as far as the cities are aware. Signup periods for fiberhoods in all three cities also closed several months ago. Most places the service is approximately half underground and half over poles.

The letter to the cities is more of a formality, requesting the city sign a Video Service Provider Agreement, to comply with state statutes and does not mean service to the homes will actually begin on Feb. 21. Google has laid out a long process which describes six steps for getting fiber into the house once it is connected to a hut from the metro ring.

Once a neighborhood is built out, the process of getting it into the home is two separate steps, according to the Google document. First, fiber is pulled from the nearest pole or underground vault to a box on the outside of the home. Then, an appointment is made to actually install the service inside the house.

The letters the cities have received do not project any exact dates for beginning to bring services in to the house.

The Google process for finally getting hookups into the homes is described in these links:

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