SM East’s Little Shop of Horrors opens Wednesday

Austin Dalgleish as Seymour in SM East's production of Little Shop of Horrors.  Photo courtesy Joni Cobb.
Austin Dalgleish as Seymour in SM East’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. Photo courtesy Joni Cobb.

About the only similarity between last year’s SM East musical and this year’s is that both productions centered around big green grumpy things.

But where 2014’s Shrek!: The Musical was aimed squarely at a kid audience, this year’s musical, Little Shop of Horrors, centered around a blood-thirsty venus flytrap-esque plant, has a comic edge intended for older patrons.

“We try and alternate our musical selections for our audiences,” said SM East theatre director Brian Cappello, now in his 15th year with the school. “The style is completely different from last year—it’s a 50’s rock and roll show, a bit more non-traditional.”

Because of rules surrounding school activities during student-teacher conferences, there won’t be a show on Thursday, as is typical for the high school’s musical productions. Instead, the show will have its public opening tonight at 7 p.m., with additional showings Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and a 2 p.m. matinee Saturday as well.

Senior Austin Dalgleish plays Seymour, the love-sick flower shop worker who finds himself contemplating feeding the boyfriend of his coveted Audrey (Chloe Kerwin) to the plant, Audrey II (voiced by Ronnell Lewis). Michael Moedritzer plays Audrey’s sadistic dentist boyfriend Orin Scrivello, DDS. Abby Cramer, Savanna Worthington, and Haley Lynch are the “street urchins” who serve as the production’s Greek chorus.

“I also absolutely love the harmonies in the show,” Cappello said. “Our three an incredible job with their three-part harmonies.”

Tickets are $10 for non-SM East students and are available in the lobby before each showing.