Roeland Park, Shawnee Mission School Board offer most contested races in spring elections; filings complete


Candidate filings for the spring municipal and school board elections closed Tuesday afternoon with Roeland Park and the Shawnee Mission School Board posing the most contested races. In Prairie Village, Laura Wassmer will become the new mayor without a challenge, succeeding the long tenure of Ron Shaffer.

In the Shawnee Mission School District, incumbent board member Sara Goodburn will be running against Mark Ellis for the north area seat while incumbents Deb Zila and Patty Mach are unopposed. Joan Leavens did not file for re-election for at-large seat that is up this year. Brad Stratton and Elizabeth Rulo are candidates for that spot.

In Roeland Park, only incumbent Becky Fast in Ward 1 will be unopposed. In Ward 2, Jennifer Gunby did not file for another term. Tim Janssen and B. Blake Morgan are running for that seat. Ward 3 incumbent Megan England did not file for re-election. Linda Mau, Erin Thompson and David Gauwitz are running for the seat, according to the election office and Gauwitz. However, Gauwitz’ name had not been posted to the election web site by this morning. In Ward 4, incumbent Marek Gliniecki will be challenged by Michael Poppa and JoAnna Rush.

Gunby and England were the two councilors instrumental in crafting the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance that was the subject of intense controversy this year and passed on a tie-breaking vote by the mayor. Mau submitted language to the county legal staff for a petition that would call for repeal of the ordinance. Mau has previously served on the council from Ward 3, but was defeated by England in 2007 and 2011. She ran unsuccessfully for mayor against Joel Marquardt in 2013.

Gliniecki is the current council president and was a vote against the anti-discrimination ordinance. Poppa was a strong supporter who worked for passage of the ordinance and Rush frequently spoke against its passage.

Fairway and Merriam have no contested races for council. Incumbents J.D. Fair, Gail Gregory and James Poplinger are unopposed as is Bill Griffith running for Tony Liu’s seat. Merriam has incumbents Nancy Hupp and Al Frisby unopposed along with former fire chief Bob Pape and Robert Weems.

Mission Woods and Westwood Hills also do not have contests, but Mission Hills will have four candidates vying for three council seats.

The most recent filings are listed below, including Johnson County Community College candidates who will be on the ballot in northeast Johnson County.


  • Ward 1 James Poplinger (Incumbent) – 5300 Aberdeen
  • Ward 2 Gail Gregory (Incumbent) -5419 Mohawk Lane
  • Ward 3 Bill Griffith – 6155 Lockton Lane
  • Ward 4 J D Fair (Incumbent) -6100 Mission Road


  • Ward 1 Robert Weems – 4809 Perry Avenue
  • Ward 2 Al Frisby (Incumbent)- 10121 West 59th Terrace,
  • Ward 3 Nancy Hupp (Incumbent) – 10172 Edelweiss Circle
  • Ward 4 Bob Pape – 6536 Burnham Drive

Mission Hills

Council Members At-Large (4 Year Term) – Vote for Three or Fewer

  • Beverly D. Brooks – 5628 State Line Road
  • David W. Dickey (Incumbent) – 6540 Wenonga Road
  • Braden Perry – 6549 Sagamore Road
  • Dan Sullivan (Incumbent) – 1903 West 67th Terrace

Mission Woods

  • Mayor (2 Year Term) Robert Allen Tietze (Incumbent) -5338 Mission Woods RoadCouncil Members At-Large (2 Year Term) – Vote for Five or Fewer
  • John Baenisch (Incumbent) – 2101 West 50th Terrace
  • William H. Dunn Jr (Incumbent) -5300 Mission Woods Road
  • Cory Fisher (Incumbent) – 5369 Mission Woods Road, Mission Woods, KS 66205
  • Darrell Franklin – 5345 Mission Woods Road
  • Joan R. Ruff – 5317 Mission Woods Terrace

Prairie Village

  • Mayor – Laura Wassmer – 8005 Roe Avenue

Roeland Park

  • Ward 1  Becky Fast (Incumbent) – 4918 Juniper
    Ward 2
  • Tim Janssen – 4908 Pawnee Drive
  • B. Blake Morgan Jr. – 4811 El Monte, Roeland Park, KS 66205
    Ward 3
  • Linda Mau – 5439 Linden Drive
  • Erin Thompson – 5400 Ash
  • David Gauwitz – 5310 Juniper Drive
    Ward 4
  • Marek Gliniecki (Incumbent) – 5229 Reinhardt Drive
  • Michael J. Poppa – 4400 West 55th Street
  • JoAnna Rush – 5149 Buena Vista

Westwood Hills

  • Mayor (2 Year Term) Paula Schwach (Incumbent) – 1901 West 48th TerraceCouncil Members At-Large (2 Year Term) – Vote for Five or Fewer
  • Rosemary Podrebarac (Incumbent)-1905 West 48th Terrace
  • Gailen L. Stockwell (Incumbent) – 2116 West 48th Terrace
  • Ludwig Villasi (Incumbent) – 2000 West 50th Street
  • John Weedman (Incumbent) – 1900 West 49th Street

Shawnee Mission School District

Board Member – Position 1

  • Mark D. Ellis – 10805 West 70th Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66203
  • Sara D. Goodburn (Incumbent) – 3710 West 52nd Place
    Board Member – Position 3
  • Deb Zila (Incumbent) – 6921 West 100th Terrace, Overland Park
    Board Member – Position 5
  • Patty Mach (Incumbent) – 15300 West 55th Terrace, Shawnee
    Board Member At-Large – Position 7
  • Elizabeth Rulo – 10518 West 90th Street, Overland Park
  • Brad Stratton – 10319 Delmar Lane, Overland Park,

Johnson County Community College

Trustees At-Large (4 Year Term) – Vote for Three or Fewer

  • Larry Fotovich – 14222 West 158th Terrace, Olathe
  • Nancy L. Ingram – 14625 South Chalet Drive, Olathe
  • Patricia Lightner – 11328 West 146th Street, Olathe
  • David A. Lindstrom (Incumbent) – 13209 Woodson, Overland Park
  • Greg Musil (Incumbent) – 10721 West 121st Street, Overland Park
  • Mark Read – 10015 Lamar Avenue, Overland Park