STANDEES says threat led to cancellation of Planned Parenthood event at theater

STANDEES restaurant and theaters at the Village Shops.
STANDEES restaurant and theaters at the Village Shops.

A threat against a Planned Parenthood event scheduled for STANDEES, the theater and restaurant venue in the Village Shops, this week caused the theater to cancel the rental.

STANDEES owner Peter Brown said the threat was received by the theater and led to the decision to cancel the Wednesday film event out of concern for “guest safety.” The FBI has been involved in an investigation of the threat, Brown said.

“We had a concern,” Brown said, noting that safety and comfort of the guests at STANDEES was the sole factor in the decision. “We unequivocally would have (had) to bring police in (for the event),” Brown said. That would have created a difficult situation for the customers of Village Shops and the theater and restaurant, he suggested.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Kansas and Missouri posted a Facebook notice Saturday that STANDEES had canceled the rental of an auditorium. PPKM was able to find a new location for the film event and it was held Wednesday at a different venue. The PPKM posting did not cite a reason for the cancellation and said on Facebook, “We deeply regret Standee’s position and any inconvenience this has caused.”

Brown said the PPKM president was notified of the reason for the decision and said no other factors, including PPKM’s philosophy and mission, caused the cancellation. “Everyone in America is entitled to their beliefs,” Brown said.

A PPKM spokesperson said the group was able to re-locate the event to a Screenland theater on short notice and had nothing more to add about the cancellation.