Food on Friday: Orange Julias


By Julia Westhoff

I am a sucker for winter citrus. Cara Cara Oranges and clementines are my favorite – I fill half my cart and then spend an hour making room for them on my countertops. My favorite thing to do with the Cara Caras is just juice them – they are so sweet and so perfect on their own. And the clementines are so perfect for snacking that the girls and I just gobble them right up. But lately I’ve been doing something even more fun with them – making Orange Julias!

That’s right, the Orange Julias shopping mall staple has come to our kitchen. Only mine contains no sugar and tastes a little more like drinkable yogurt (Gogurt, if you will).

It’s super easy and tasty – check it out!

Orange Julias

3 large clementines (or about 5 of those tiny ones)
¼ cup plain yogurt (I’m sure flavored would be great, too)
½ cup ice cubes
2 tablespoons honey

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!