No agreement on new plan yet, but Tutera, Mission Valley neighbors making progress


Homeowners from the Mission Valley area and representatives of the Tutera Group met last week to review the company’s proposal for revising the layout and look of the Mission Chateau senior living community, with parties from both sides saying they felt significant progress toward a mutually agreeable solution.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some squabbling still going on.

Attorney Timothy Sears was back before the Prairie Village City Council Monday arguing that the city grant the company its requested extension on the start-of-construction deadline that came with the issuance of the Special Use Permit for the project. Brian Doerr, a Mission Valley Neighbors Association member whose law firm has represented the group through the Mission Chateau controversy, urged the council not to grant the extension at this point, saying the neighbors felt the pressure of the deadline may help spur positive negotiations.

“The comments we provided to [Tutera] we feel like were received in a good manner, so we feel like we are making progress,” Doerr said. “We want that to be the focus. We don’t want the focus to be on the legal issues of whether to extension should be granted, whether there should be a stay. We think the focus needs to be on this new plan.”

On Monday, the council opted to continue the start-of-construction deadline extension request to February to give the parties time to come to terms on the proposed new plan. The council also moved to form a group to look at how to define what constitutes the “start of construction” for Mission Chateau and future development projects.

Representatives for the Mission Valley group said this week that they were still not comfortable releasing the revised plans for public viewing.