Food on Friday: Tostadas for the win


By Julia Westhoff

Have you ever had a tostada? I fell in love with them at a restaurant in Madison, where Jay and I went to school, and they’ve been one of my favorite Mexican meals to make at home. I can’t explain why tostadas are so tasty, since they’re essentially just a flat taco shell, but they really hit the spot in a different and delicious way. The fact that this meal takes about 10 minutes to pull together is another reason why it’s a favorite of mine.

When I make tostadas for dinner I keep it super simple – refried beans, avocado and some toppings. All ingredients you can grab at any PV grocer for super cheap.

Of course, the beauty of a meal like this is making it your own – I’ve had amazing fish, chicken and beef tostadas over the years. And if you want to get fancy you could always fry your own corn tortillas to make the shells. But that’s another blog post…J

Refried beans
Sliced avocado
Other toppings: lettuce, sour cream, salsa, tomato, cilantro, hot sauce – you name it!

Heat tostada shells in the oven and heat refried beans in sauce pan or frying pan until good and warm.
Once shells are warm, spread a base of refried beans on each. Then sprinkle the tostada with cheese and other toppings. Feel free to eat with both hands.