Expected to plea, man accused of felony murder in death of PV woman asks for more mediation time

Roy Lee Maney being led into the courtroom in October 2014.
Roy Lee Maney being led into the courtroom in October 2014.
The man charged with felony murder in the death of a Prairie Village woman whose car he smashed into at the intersection of 75th Street and Roe Avenue in October 2013 was back in Johnson County court Thursday, but instead of entering a plea as had been expected, his attorney asked for more time to negotiate with prosecutors.

Roy Lee Maney was escorted into the District 13 courtroom in handcuffs as the family of Tiffany Mogenson, the woman who died after Maney’s Mercedes hit her car while traveling at approximately 90 miles per hour, looked on. Maney’s attorney, Mark Dupree, ask the court to continue the scheduled plea hearing so that the defense and county prosecutors could go through another round of mediation. Dupree told Judge Brenda Cameron that his client had been prepared to plea to lesser second degree murder charges, but that discussions with prosecutors had faltered over the past week.

“There isn’t a coming together of the minds on the issue at this point,” prosecutor Lannie Ornburn said after the hearing.

A new mediation hearing has been set for the end of this month, with a scheduling hearing to determine next steps set for Feb. 4.

Should Maney plead guilty to the second degree murder charge along with some or all of the accompanying charges of failure to stop and acknowledge a death, aggravated battery and reckless bodily harm, and felony obstruction of legal processes, he would not have to stand trial for the first degree felony murder charge.

Maney’s mother became extremely distraught in the hallway in the moments before the hearing, requiring sheriff’s officials and Dupree to intervene. She did not enter the courtroom for the hearing.