Prairie Village-based Alzheimer’s care company adds fifth home in north Leawood

Sunflower Home is Care Haven's fifth Alzheimer's house in Johnson County.
Sunflower Home is Care Haven’s fifth Alzheimer’s house in Johnson County.

The Prairie Village-based operator of a group of residential care homes for Alzheimer’s patients has added a fifth home to the group.

Care Haven homes closed the purchase of Sunflower House in north Leawood at the end of December. The facility, near the intersection of Lee Boulevard and 92nd Street, opened a year ago under the management of A New Day, a company that specialized in providing round-the-clock in-home care for patients with memory conditions. Sunflower House was its first venture into care facilities. A New Day’s managing director said the company approached Care Haven about the acquisition after deciding to focus on their core competency of in-home care.

Care Haven founder Neil Barnett said Care Haven would continue with the current on-site management.

“The home operates at the same high caregiver staffing level as our other homes,” he said. “Its nurses and caregivers demonstrate the same commitment to compassionate, personalized assistance. We look forward to working side-by-side with them, providing better Alzheimer’s care to more of our neighbors.”

With the acquisition of Sunflower House, Care Haven now has two homes in Leawood and three in Overland Park. The company now has the capacity to support up to 36 residents at the homes it operates.