TV crews outnumber RVs in The Buzz’s #RVPV caravan

The sole RV that took part in The Buzz's #RVPV caravan.
The sole RV that took part in The Buzz’s #RVPV caravan.

In the end, there were more TV news trucks than RVs in the #RVPV caravan a local morning radio show attempted to organize.

Afentra Bandokoudis and Daniel Terroros, better know as Afentra and Danny Boi to their listeners on 96.5 The Buzz’s “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz” show, spent the past four days promoting the idea of getting a “parade of RVs” to drive through Prairie Village in response to an anonymous letter intended for residents of the city with an RV in their driveway. (See the story we broke here).

The duo had used their radio show and Twitter to encourage RV owners to gather in the Entercom radio station parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning and then drive through Prairie Village in attempt to “take PV down a notch,” as Danny Boi Tweeted.

But Friday morning, the only RV that showed up was that of Trailside RV Center owner Steve Francis. Francis noted on the radio show that he grew up in Prairie Village, and his parents still live there.

A handful of cars, along with news crews from KMBC, WDAF and KCTV, tagged along as the RV left the station, headed south on Metcalf, and then east on 75th Street.