Food on Friday: Remedies


By Julia Westhoff

What are your strategies for warding off illness during this cold and flu season? I’m underwater right now at work and we’ve got a trip to Mexico in two weeks. I can’t afford to get sick, but it seems inevitable: Our friends and families are dropping like flies. I’m in desperate need of suggestions to keep myself and my family healthy.

Our go-to remedies include adding Elderberry Syrup to our morning smoothies, a few drops of essential oils in the bath or on our feet, and loading our meals with citrus and garlic. I’m not sure how well these things work – we’ve definitely gotten colds, but we haven’t been hit with the flu like so many others.

Any ideas? Please pass on your best tips and tricks before it’s too late!

In the meantime, I’ll make another batch of this delicious Rustic Chicken with Garlic Gravy from one of my favorite food blogs, Seasons and Suppers. The recipe calls for 20 cloves, but the garlic totally mellows in the oven. Lots of garlic is definitely my favorite kind of medicine.

Notes: I serve this over mashed potatoes. I also try and find Elephant Garlic – its huge cloves help save time peeling.