Tutera, Mission Valley neighbors discussing significant revisions to Mission Chateau plan

The Mission Chateau plan may be getting a significant reworking.
The Mission Chateau plan may be getting a significant reworking.

Despite the weather outside, it looks like the ice may be breaking in one part of Prairie Village.

Attorneys for the Tutera Group and the Mission Valley Neighbors Association acknowledged Monday that the two entities were in discussions about a revised Mission Chateau plan that both hope will be acceptable to all interested parties.

Tutera’s final plat for the Mission Chateau site as well as its request for an extension on the start-of-construction deadline for the project were scheduled to go before the Prairie Village city council for final approval Monday. Instead, the council continued those items to a future meeting to give Tutera and the neighbors time to discuss the revised plan.

“MVS [the legal entity that owns the Mission Chateau site] has…presented interested parties with a revised conceptual plan for the MVS development,” Polsinelli attorney Timothy Sears, who is representing Tutera in the matter, wrote in a letter to the council. “MVS is hopeful that this revised plan can serve as the basis for a resolution of the disputes surrounding the Special Use Permit.”

Representatives from the groups told the Prairie Village city council they expected the neighbors to provide feedback to Tutera on the revisions by Jan. 12.

Brian Doerr, who lives near the Mission Valley property and whose law firm, Duggan, Shadwick, Doerr & Kurlbaum LLC is representing the MNVA in legal action against the city on the matter, said the new plans the group had seen did represent a significant shift from the original plan. Doerr said Tutera had hired a new architect for the project.

“At this point, we’re trying to get input from as many people in the community as possible,” he said. “We’re trying to be as responsive as we can as a community.”