’s State of the Union 2015

Well, gang, it’s time to kick off a fresh year — one that will see us reach our five-year anniversary — here at the Prairie Village Post.

And we thought the clean slate that sits in front of us might serve as a good occasion to share some data about of progress over the past 12 months.

2014 was, by just about any measure you can think up, by far the biggest year in site history. Let’s take a look at some numbers. To start, here’s a graph of our month-by-month traffic for 2014 (the blue line) compared to 2013 (the orange line):


Those lines represent total visits to the site, which jumped 74 percent in 2014 to 1,172,431 from 2013’s 672,400.

To put that growth into some historical perspective, here’s a look at total month-by-month site visits since we launched back in June 2010:


In 2014 we also saw total unique visitors jump 77 percent, from 252,450 in 2013 to 447,003 in 2014; and pageviews grow 82 percent, from 1,032,492 in 2013 to  1,887,999 in 2014.

The increased traction with northeast Johnson County readers has also helped us expand our roster of site sponsors (which, if we haven’t mentioned it lately, are the people who allow us to bring you truly local coverage…). We went from averaging approximately 40 site sponsors per month in 2013 to 80 per month in 2014.

We’ve got a few new additions in terms of both editorial offerings — including new neighborhood news pages for each elementary school area — and ad availabilities in 2015 that we’re excited to start rolling out in the coming weeks and months.

But, as we start detailed planning for the coming year, we’re also hoping you all will give us your feedback now. What have you liked on the site recently? What could you stand to see less of? What would you like to see us doing that we aren’t at present? Are there community groups, organizations, initiatives, teams, etc… that you’d like to see us cover more?

Let us know what you think in the comment section or by emailing me at

Happy 2015 everyone — and thanks as always for reading!