Family physician uses medical expertise as basis for new fitness club on Johnson Drive

A training area at Exhale, the new fitness center on Johnson Drive in Mission. Photo via Exhale website.
A training area at Exhale, the new fitness center on Johnson Drive in Mission. Photo via Exhale website.

Peek through the storefront windows of Exhale – the latest business to open on Johnson Drive in Mission – and you won’t find fancy workout equipment.

But don’t let that fool you, said the business’s owner Eleanor Lisbon.

“When you come in you’re going to sweat and you’re going to feel really good,” Lisbon said.

Exhale owner Eleanor Lisbon.

Exhale, 5732 Johnson Dr., which held its grand opening New Year’s Day, is not your ordinary fitness center. Lisbon, a family physician for more than 20 years, dreamed of a facility where she could put her expertise to use by helping clients improve their overall health.

“When people join one of the advantages they have with Exhale is they meet with me,” she said. “So I get to go through their past medical history, past surgical history, if they have any knee problems, back problems, any history of concussion or anything that would put them at increased risk for a high-impact workout – my trainers know about that going in.”

Exhale trainers will then focus on personalized attention by offering small fitness classes for eight to 12 people. The boutique fitness business will teach beginners and seasoned athletes how to improve their health with targeted exercise and nutrition.

“Our trainers really cater to the people in the class,” she said.

The space might look sparse but trainers will use every square inch when they conduct fitness classes, Lisbon said.

Members will pay $160 a month, which includes an initial consultation with Lisbon and classes. Exhale will offer boot camps, strength training, personal training and hybrid workouts that might include intense cardio with yoga and tai chi. The lineup of classes will change every few months, she said.

“Our goal basically is to provide hybrid classes and things that complement people’s fitness regimen if they have one already,” she said.
Lisbon will also offer nutritional supplements and special event classes once a month that focus on nutrition, healthy eating and overall wellness. She already envisions a class on how to grow vegetables in your yard or patio pots.

“The concept is wellness,” she said. “We know that the fitness classes go hand in-hand with the nutritional and the physician oversight.”
Some of her class demonstrations started last week. Anyone interested in learning more should call 913-940-8633 to learn more.

Lisbon said she’s excited to be part of the Mission business community and Johnson Drive in particular.

“I really like the mom and pop feel of the location as well as the corporate feel with ScriptPro and KU isn’t too far down the road,” she said. “It’s a great location.”