Tart letter from ‘PV neighbors’ seeks removal of driveway RV — by people who don’t own one

A Prairie Village family received a letter at their house this past week that was, shall we say, not overflowing with the Christmas spirit. What’s more, the Grinchitude didn’t even land with its intended recipient.

Amy Szablewski reports that she found the following note in this week’s mail:


“In some lesser neighborhoods an RV fits right in,” reads the letter. “However in beautiful PV KS it does not fit and we would all appreciate your having it moved.” Yikes.

The thing is, there is no RV in Szablewski’s driveway. “We don’t even own an RV,” she writes.

There is, however, this RV several houses down from the Szablewskis:


RV parking has become something of an issue in the city, with a group of neighbors approaching the city a year ago about the presence of an Airstream trailer in the driveway of a 67th Street home. The Prairie Village City Council is expected to take up a set of proposed new regulations governing where RVs can be parked in the city and for how long.