As 2014 comes to a close, a look at’s most read stories of the year


Dearest readers: We’ll be knocking off a little early this afternoon and reserving posting tomorrow for breaking news only, but before we sign off for the holiday, we thought we’d share links to some of our most read stories of the year.

Some of the top stories — like the piece breaking the news about the fine faced by the Collins family for having a Little Free Library in their yard, or the Lancer Lipdub video being used in a Chevy commercial — were in our list of some of 2014’s news milestones yesterday, so we’re leaving them off here.

But here are the top five stories as measured by total pageviews that we didn’t cover yesterday:

#5: Chipotle signs on to come to Village Shops, making centers 100 percent leased: You people must really, really like burritos. Like, I would be surprised if you have a pretty serious burrito problem.

#4: Every Shawnee Mission high school student to get MacBook; iPads for middle school and elementary starting in fall: The district’s announcement of $20 million investment to provide modern technology to all of its students caused quite a stir in January.

#3: In case you missed it: The Daily Show’s take on this year’s Kansas legislature: It feels good to laugh.

#2: Says Prairie Village church sign: ‘Thou shalt not steal, unless you are Billy Butler’: Given now-departed Billy Butler’s relatively beefy stature, his steal in the American League Division Series much have had some divine intervention, right?

#1: Hunter Pence has a lot of signs posted about him in a Prairie Village front yard: This was really funny. Though I probably would have traded all the laughs for one extra base in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game Seven…

Happy New Year, everyone! We’ll be back with fresh local content Friday!