Prairie Village doctor in jail for killing her 2 children seeks resentencing

Debora Green in 2010.
Debora Green in 2010.

The former Prairie Village physician convicted of killing two of her children by setting the family’s Canterbury Court home on fire in 1995 is seeking resentencing in the wake of a recent Kansas Supreme Court decision that finds judges don’t have the right to impose strict minimum sentences without the affirmation of a jury.

Attorneys for Debora Green recently filed motions to challenge her sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole for 40 years, which puts her earliest possible release date at Nov. 1, 2035. She would be 84 years old at that time.

A hearing on the resentencing motion is set for Jan. 22 in Johnson County District Court.

Green ultimately pled no contest to the charges that she set the fire that killed her son Timothy, 13, and daughter Kelly, 6, on Oct. 24, 1995. Green’s third child, Kate, then 10, managed to escape. Prosecutors also charged Green with the attempted murder of her estranged husband, cardiologist Michael Farrar, by poisoning with ricin.

Following her sentencing, however, Green expressed regret at having accepted a plea deal, and in 2000 filed motions for a new trial. That request was denied.

Green’s motion for resentencing comes in the wake of decisions by the U.S. and Kansas Supreme Courts that find judges alone can’t impose certain kinds of sentences without a jury’s consent.

Green, now 63, is serving her sentence at the Topeka Correctional Facility.