Mission downtown occupancy rate headed over 90 percent along Johnson Drive

The stretch from Horton to Beverly along the north side of Johnson Drive is fully occupied.


Mission’s Johnson Drive, after surviving more than a year of construction work, is set to have a 90 percent occupancy rate after January 1.

The city counts 102 available retail spaces between Nall and Lamar (the area of the construction) either fronting Johnson Drive or within one block on either side of Johnson Drive. That count includes the businesses on West 59th Terrace behind the Mission Theater. Only 12 spaces are currently vacant and after the first of the year only 10 spaces will be vacant as two new businesses are added.

Growing vacancy had been an issue for the Mission downtown district in recent years, but even during construction the area started adding new businesses. At least eight new businesses came to the street between March and September this year while construction was in progress. According to a data released by the city this week, six of the 12 blocks fronting Johnson Drive already are completely occupied:

  • Maple to Reeds (Beckman Violin to Mélange)
  • Reeds to Outlook north (Casey’s Sinclair to Werner’s)
  • Reeds to Outlook south (Fishing Fly Box to American Dental)
  • Woodson to Dearborn north (VCA)
  • Dearborn to Beverly south (Irish Dance Academy to Lulu’s Boutique)
  • Beverly to Horton north (Dearborn Animal Clinic to Yoga Fix Studio)

Two new businesses, a photography studio and workout studio are opening soon. The trend also is extending to the east of Nall where Longboards opened in Mission Mart and another new business is coming in across the street soon.