Prairie Village slims down committee structure, changes go into effect next month


As of January 2015, Prairie Village will have significantly slimmed the number of volunteer committees that make recommendations and decisions on a variety of city issues.

After a discussion that arose during the city’s budgeting process in the summer of 2013, the Prairie Village city council formed a group to examine the city’s committee structure and see if there were roles and responsibilities held by smaller committees that could be shifted to other committees or to city staff.

After a year of deliberations over the course of nine meetings, this summer the group examining the committee structure recommended eliminating four committees — the communications committee, the Americans with Disabilities Act advisory committee; the animal control committee and the homes association committee — and shifting their duties to other entities. Earlier this week, the City Council voted to make the changes to the committee structure official.

The communications committees’ primary duties in recent years had been to assist with the development of the city’s website, but since no such project is under way at this time, the committee will dissolve.

City council will assume the animal control committee’s main responsibility of hearing appeals on cases where where the city has declared an animal dangerous, a rare occasion. There were no such appeals in 2011 or 2013, and just one in 2012.

Similarly, the homes associations committee hadn’t met since 2011, so it will dissolve.

The duties of the ADA advisory committee will shift to city staff.

The changes go into effect Jan. 2.