Mission, Roeland Park agree on joint plan to develop corner of Roe and Johnson Drive

Johnson Drive and Roe NW
The northwest corner of Roe and Johnson Drive (foreground) is in the process of development and the northeast corner (distance) could get started in 2015.

Roeland Park and Mission have worked out a cooperative agreement to come up with a development plan for the northeast corner of Johnson Drive and Roe Avenue. The greenspace at the intersection across from the Gateway property is approximately 70 percent in Roeland Park and 30 percent in Mission although a small section is located in Fairway.

Mission city staff will administer the project working with Roeland Park staff and Roeland Park will pay Mission a portion of the costs to reflect its larger percentage ownership of the site. According to the agreement between the two cities, both want to pursue private development of the parcel. Just one of the challenges to getting the land developed is the fact that it is split by the city boundaries. In the joint venture, the cities agree to coordinate the vision for the property, negotiate a sale to a private interest together and manage the zoning and permitting process for a developer.

Another challenge to the development is vacating a Kansas Department of Transportation right-of-way. Before 2003 the land was part of the interchange and off-ramp from Shawnee Mission Parkway onto Roe and Johnson Drive. The site also has utility, drainage and covenant issues to resolve.

Mission Community Development Director Martin Rivarola told the council this week that developing interest in the property exists and that there are “parties waiting for this to be cleaned up.” Roeland Park has been discussing options for the property for several months.

A steering committee consisting of two councilors and two planning commission members from each city will make up the management team along with city staff. The project timeline calls for a consensus on a development vision by April and to select a developer and negotiate a sale towards late summer. The northwest corner of the intersection is under contract to Commerce Bank which has been working on development plans.