SM North student wins creativity award for invention to help anglers

Corbin Tannahill invented the Angler’s Friend to help organize fishing gear and make it easy to carry.

A SM North student has not only won a major award for his creativity, he is now getting a patent for his invention.

Corbin Tannahill designed the Angler’s Friend, a case designed to carry three rods and reels in ready to fish condition. Not only does the invention promise to keep the equipment tangle free and ready to use, but the case can be worn by the angler, making it easy to carry. The Angler’s Friend website describes it as a case that organizes rods, reels and tackle in a space-efficient manner.

Tannahill, son of David and Kristi Tannahill, received first place in the 2014 International Torrance Legacy Creativity Award competition in the Inventions – Arts and Leisure category. His invention will be displayed during sessions of the National Association for Gifted Children meeting. Manufacturing has been outsourced to a vendor in Kansas.