New restaurant planned for 47th and Mission Road in Roeland Park; current buildings will be torn down

The southwest corner of 47th and Mission in Roeland Park has seen redevelopment nearby and some tenants have had their leases ended.
The southwest corner of 47th and Mission in Roeland Park will be the site of a new restaurant. The current buildings will be razed.

Another new restaurant is coming to the 47th and Mission Road intersection. This time the buildings on the southwest corner in Roeland Park will be razed and replaced by a new building. The restaurant partner in the project was identified as Alan Gaylin, whose Bread & Butter Concepts group operates Taco Republic, right across the street from the proposed site.

Tony Krsnich, president of Flint Hills Holdings, which now owns the property, said Monday that all of the buildings on the corner and a residence just to the southwest were part of the recent purchase and will be torn down. Krsnich expects demolition to start next spring. He said the new restaurant building has not been designed yet, but will be close to the northeast corner of the property. Krsnich said he wants to reach out to the neighborhood to hear ideas and concerns before construction. “I would like to turn it into a more grassroots approach.” Indoor and outdoor dining will be part of the plan.

A possible concept for the restaurant, Krsnich said, is a wood fired grill, but other concepts have been discussed as well. Bread & Butter not only has Taco Republic across the street, but also is planning a Italian-themed restaurant, G. Berto, in the Woodside Village development now under construction at 47th and Rainbow.

The new restaurant building will have a smaller footprint than the buildings being razed, Krsnich said, which should allow for parking for both it and Taco Republic. Krsnich also plans to ask for Community Improvement District financing for the project.

The buildings on the site have been subject to code violations under the previous owner. The Roeland Park City Council agreed in principle Monday to stop code enforcement until the buildings can be torn down. That agreement is expected to be formalized at the council meeting this month.

Two tenants still are in the buildings and the last lease expires at the end of February, Krsnich told the city council Monday. “I just can’t knock a building down when a guy has a lease.” He said demolition would begin as early as possible, but he wanted to avoid putting money in repairs on a building that will be torn down. Krsnich said the materials inside will be reclaimed and that his company is considered a “green builder.”

El dorado architects is designing the new building. Krsnich predicted an opening late next year if permitting goes smoothly. “I live five minutes away. I’m all in on this deal,” he told the council.

All four corners of the intersection have seen redevelopment activity. The Walmart Market on the southeast corner in Westwood is relatively new as is Taco Republic in Kansas City, Kan. The northeast corner has Joe’s KC Barbecue (Oklahoma Joe’s) and the Fairway North shopping center next door has a proposed purchase and remodel. Down the street, Lulu’s Asian Bistro has opened and the Woodside Village construction is under way.