A giving of thanks for November’s shawneemissionpost.com sponsors

Fair residents of northeast Johnson County, ’tis Thankgiving, a well-named holiday reserved for the giving of thanks.

We probably don’t say it enough, so let me go ahead and put it out there explicitly: We’re thankful for you, our dearest of readers. Because without you, we wouldn’t be able to do this. Because without you, we wouldn’t have the more-than 100 local businesses who support the site through their ads and sponsorships.

You may have heard that tomorrow is “Black Friday,” the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. A quick word on that front: Local really does matter. So as you’re doing your Christmas shopping this season — and looking for stores and service providers throughout the year — we hope you’ll make an effort to keep it local.

The fact is, Walmart and McDonalds aren’t going to advertise on the Prairie Village Post. (Definitely not complaining…we’re more than okay with that). But we wouldn’t be able to bring you truly local coverage of the northeast Johnson County community without the support of the men and women who run the local businesses that provide jobs to our neighbors and keep their money in our community.

(If you’re looking for a handy list of the local businesses that help PVPost bring you local news every weekday, check out our local business directory here. And let’s not forget our weekly Sponsored Columnists, Zaarly, Shawnee Mission Health, ReTouch and the Taylor Made Team.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone –we’re so grateful for you all and our sponsors, listed below:

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