Clayton, Bollier, Ousley swept precincts in statehouse races; Rooker’s re-election closer

Stephanie Clayton, Barbara Bollier and Melissa Rooker (from left) checked results from Tuesday's elections at a watch party at the Blue Moose in Prairie Village.
Stephanie Clayton, Barbara Bollier and Melissa Rooker (from left) checked results from last week’s  elections at a watch party at the Blue Moose in Prairie Village.

In three of the four NEJC races for state representative last week, the winner took all but one precinct. The lone exception was Rep. Melissa Rooker who had a much closer contest with Democrat challenger Jennifer Robinson. For Stephanie Clayton, Barbara Bollier and Jarrod Ousley, only one precinct in Overland Park stood in the way of a clean sweep in the precinct-by-precinct totals.

Robinson actually won the city-wide totals in Roeland Park (55 percent), her home base of Westwood (58 percent), and Westwood Hills (58 percent). But Rooker had overwhelming margins in Mission Hills (82 percent) where she won 1,045 to 233 and in her hometown of Fairway (65 percent) by a 1,226 to 646 margin.

The district only has one precinct in Prairie Village, which Rooker won by 220 votes (66 percent). Robinson won five of the seven Mission precincts in the district, but Rooker carried the city by 33 votes. Rooker also won the lone Mission Woods precinct. The overall margin for Rooker was 1,290 votes, 5,542-4,252 (56-43 percent). That margin was significantly wider than Rooker’s 2012 win over Megan England which was decided by 197 votes.

In District 19, incumbent Stephanie Clayton handily defeated Democratic challenger Patricia Stratton. Stratton won only one Overland Park precinct while Clayton dominated across the board in Leawood, Prairie Village and the other Overland Park precincts that make up the district. Clayton took more than 70 percent of the vote in two Leawood precincts and ended up with nearly 65 percent of the vote across the district. She totaled 66 percent in Prairie Village precincts, more than 69 percent in Leawood and 61 percent of the Overland Park vote included in the district. This year she won by more than 3,000 votes compared to a 2012 victory of 2,301.

The race between Democrat Amy Bell and incumbent Republican Barbara Bollier was a rematch of the contest two years ago with the same result. Bollier lost only one precinct and that was in Overland Park. In the Prairie Village precincts that make up most of the district, Bollier dominated, reaching 72 percent of the vote in a fourth ward precinct. Only in the second ward of Prairie Village did Bell come close by getting 49.6 percent of the vote in one precinct. In the only Mission Hills precinct in the district, Bollier received 88 percent of the votes (507-67) and in the lone Leawood precinct she received 65 percent of the vote (319-171). Bollier’s Prairie Village totals were 61 percent of the vote to Bell’s 39 percent. Bollier won the district by 2,337 vote margin, 62 percent to 38 percent. In 2012, Bollier beat Bell by 809 votes.

In District 24, Democrat Jarrod Ousley also dominated his race against Republican Brandon Hermreck. The district lies primarily in Merriam with a few precincts in Mission and Overland Park. Ousley only lost one precinct in Overland Park and had a 836-vote margin in Merriam, taking 62 percent of the vote. He had 65 percent of the Mission vote and 57 percent in Overland Park. He won the district by more than 1,400 votes or 61 percent. Democrat incumbent Emily Perry chose not to run again this year.

A precinct-by-precinct report of the election in Johnson County is available at the county election office site.