Outside of Mission Hills and Leawood, northeast Johnson County swung sharply for Paul Davis, Greg Orman


Last week Republicans carried statewide elections in Kansas and in Johnson County. But that Johnson County sweep came without the help of voters in most of the cities in the northeast.

Precinct results available this week show Senator Pat Roberts and Governor Sam Brownback were soundly defeated in the northeast even as they won by small margins in Johnson County as a whole. In fact, only Mission Hills and Leawood went for Roberts and Brownback. And in Leawood, the vote was split with precincts in the northern parts of the city, the first ward and part of the second ward, voting for Greg Orman and Paul Davis.

In the Orman-Roberts race, Orman gathered a 69-27 (rounded) percent win in Westwood Hills, 67-30 percent in Westwood, 64-32 percent in Roeland Park, 62-33 percent in Mission and 60-38 percent in Fairway. He still had substantial margins in Prairie Village at 59-38 percent, Merriam at 57-38 percent and Mission Woods at 57-41 percent.

In Mission Hills, though, Orman only had 44 percent of the vote to Roberts’ 54 percent. And in Leawood, Roberts won 53-45, but lost every precinct in Ward One and half of those in Ward Two. Roberts had a margin of 4,000 votes in Johnson County overall, winning farther south and west.

In the Brownback-Davis race, the pattern repeated itself with Paul Davis a significant winner in every city except Mission Hills and Leawood. Davis won 72-27 percent in Westwood Hills, 67-29 in Westwood, 65-32 in Roeland Park, 63-33 in Mission, 62-37 in Fairway, 61-37 in Prairie Village, 62-37 in Mission Woods, and 58-38 in Merriam. In Mission Hills, Brownback won 51-49 percent and in Leawood it was 53-46 for Brownback. Again, the first and second wards in Leawood showed the same split for Davis as they did for Orman. Brownback won Johnson County by more than 2,000 votes with support coming south and west again.

In the race for Secretary of State between Jean Schodorf and Kris Kobach, every northeast city except Mission Hills and Leawood voted for Schodorf. Kobach won the county with 57 percent of the vote, but was soundly defeated in the northeast.

Even Kelly Kultala, who only got 37 percent of the Johnson County vote in her challenge to Congressman Kevin Yoder, won in Mission, Roeland Park, Westwood Hills and Westwood. Again, with the exception of Mission Hills and Leawood, Kultala came close even in the northeast cities that she lost, getting 48 percent of the vote in Prairie Village, 49 percent in Fairway and Merriam. But in Mission Hills she took only 32 percent and 34 percent in Leawood.