Metro area rankings put SM East among top 10 public high schools


A recent set of rankings puts SM East among the top 10 public high schools in the Kansas City area.

The website compiled the rankings based on 10 categories, including academics, outcomes, extracurricular activities, food, facilities and diversity. SM East came in sixth in the metro area rankings, behind all five of the Blue Valley district high schools. Blue Valley High School took the top spot in the rankings.

SM East scored an A+ in the administration and policies category, and As in academics, educational outcomes, extracurriculars, sports and teachers. Its lowest ranking came in student culture and diversity where it received a C+.

SM North finished 25th out of the 100 schools ranked. SM Northwest was 11th, SM South was 26th and SM West was 33rd.

You can find the full rankings for the Kansas City area here.