Final plat for Mission Chateau goes to planning commission; sets nine single-family home lots

The area along the south edge of the Mission Valley property is currently slated for single family housing lots — a change the will prevent the neighbors along the south edge of the property from participating in a protest petition.
The area along the south edge of the Mission Valley property is slated for single family housing lots.

A final plat for the Mission Chateau property carves out nine single-family housing lots on the back side of the property. The final plat submission will be reviewed by the Prairie Village Planning Commission at its Dec. 2 meeting.

The land for the Mission Chateau development is zoned for single-family homes, so no zoning change is needed for the home lots on the grounds of the former Mission Valley Middle School. The plat also shows a street, called 85th Circle, that will run in front of the homes, connecting with Mission Road and ending in a circle in front of the last two lots. The homes will be on the south and southwest edges of the property.

The lots range in size from 17,483 square feet to 30,590 square feet. That largest lot is .702 acres and the smallest is .401 acres. The plat also shows right-of-way and a number of easements for utilities, storm water and sewers.

The plat review could come of the city council as early as its Jan. 5 meeting. The council would be reviewing the rights-of-way and easements.

In September, a Johnson County District Court judge ruled against a group of homeowners near the property who claimed they had been disenfranchised when the city council approved the plans for Tutera Group’s 350,000 square foot Mission Chateau senior living center which will take up 12.8 acres of the property. The home lots are located on 5.6 acres.

The judge found that the city had followed proper procedure in determining if a protest petition that would have triggered a supermajority requirement for approval of the project was valid. The council vote to approve was 7-6.

A reduced-size version of the plat map is embedded below, or you can download the full resolution .pdf file here.