Homestead Country Club clubhouse to be razed, 11 home lots to take front part of property under new plan

The Homestead clubhouse may be altered under the sale of the front acreage of the property to a home builder.
The Homestead clubhouse will be razed according to a filing with the Prairie Village Planning Commission

The existing clubhouse at Homestead Country Club will be torn down as part of a new plan for the property which has been submitted to the the Prairie Village Planning Commission.

According to the filing, the country club property shrinks from 14.45 acres to 8.86 acres. Besides the clubhouse, one tennis court will be removed to accommodate parking for the club. Most of the existing parking in the front (east) section of the club is designated to be removed to make way for 11 single family home lots. The preliminary plat for those lots will be heard by the planning commission the same night under a separate filing.

Remaining as part of the club operation will be the swimming pool, all of the other tennis courts, and the fitness center. The fitness center will have a full service restaurant for members, but the outside catering disappears with the clubhouse. The new plan preserves all the functions currently part of the club: tennis, swimming, fitness center, and restaurant.

The parking for the club is reduced from 176 spaces to 99. The filing documents say the city would require 95 spaces for the new footprint. The December 2 planning commission meeting will include a public hearing for the new Special Use Permit (SUP) being requested by the club. The property is zoned for single family residential and the club operates under the SUP.

Separately, but on the same night, the planning commission will review a preliminary plat of 11 single family residential lots that will lie both to the north and south sides of a street that will run west into the property from the existing entrance. It is anticipated to become a public road that will also provide access to the club.

The 11 lots start near the entrance close to Mission Road and vary from 14,500 square feet to 22,500 square feet in size. The preliminary plat was filed by Evan-Talan Homes, a Leawood-based custom home builder. Evan-Talan was revealed as the potential purchaser of the front six acres of the country club in a federal bankruptcy court filing in August. The club filed a bankruptcy petition earlier that month.