Lots of choices face NEJC voters Tuesday with long list of races and retention votes

It would be hard to not get that there is an election tomorrow in Kansas. But the ballot brings more choices than just those that inundate your mailbox and dominate television commercial time. Better take today to look over the ballot.

NEJC_VOTE_2014Everyone knows by now that we will elect a governor and U.S. senator on Tuesday when the polls open. The Brownback-Davis and Roberts-Orman races have been front and center. But lots of other decisions face a voter tomorrow. A full slate of state candidates, including secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer and insurance commissioner are on the ballot. We also a elect a U.S. representative in the Third District.

Down ballot, everyone in northeast Johnson County will have a choice for state representative – different races depending on where you live – and we all will vote for the chair of Johnson County Commission. Everyone in the northeast also will choose between Laura McConwell and Ron Shaffer for the First District commission seat.

It doesn’t stop there. Two Kansas Supreme Court justices are up for retention votes along with eight justices on the Kansas Court of Appeals. Eleven Johnson County district judges and one district magistrate will be up for retention votes.

You’re not done. An amendment to the Kansas Constitution appears on the ballot. A vote for the amendment would “permit the legislature to authorize charitable raffles operated or conducted by religious, charitable, fraternal, educational and veterans nonprofit organizations” subject to some limitations such as no electronic gaming or vending machines.

All of that to decide between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The Johnson County Election Office has everything you need to know about voting, including the full candidate list online. 
You can check your registration, polling place and see the specific ballot choices you will get by clicking here.