Food on Friday: Time to get chili!


By Julia Westhoff

Brrrr! I am kicking myself right now for bragging about the Halloween snowstorms we endured growing up in Minnesota – it feels like the arctic out there and I don’t like it one bit! This is not the trick-or-treating weather I was hoping for. My little lamb and lady bug will be freezing and our candy collection may suffer because of it. (Although, come to think of it, I don’t think those snowstorms ever held us back in Minnesota!).

Thank goodness we have this white bean and turkey chili to warm us up and work as a base for the mounds of sugar that will be shoveled into our bellies. This chili has turned into my all-time favorite and is roundly enjoyed by every member of the family.

This recipe is from my favorite blog Cakies. I always buy canned beans instead of soaking dried and I always double the recipe (even that isn’t enough – it’s so good!). I’m sure you and your little ghosts and goblins will find it equally delicious. Happy Halloween!

Check out the recipe here.