20|20 CrossFit now open in former Prairie Village Post Office building

20|20 CrossFit
Clients work out in the freshly renovated former postal service space that now houses 20|20 CrossFit in Prairie Village.

After a month-long clean up and renovation and a few weeks of a soft opening with existing clients, 20|20 CrossFit is officially open to the public in the 73rd Terrace facility previously occupied by the Prairie Village Post Office.

Owner Jon Rowley, who lives just a couple of blocks from 20|20’s new home, said his staff and clients were excited to be in a large, dedicated space. Rowley started the company in his in-law’s garage nearly three years ago before moving to a temporary facility near 75th and Metcalf. When the 7,000 square foot postal facility became available, Rowley quickly jumped on the opportunity that would allow him to accommodate more clients.

“It’s kind of the perfect space for what we do,” he said. “Really all we had to do was clean it up and put in our flooring.”

20|20 started offering classes to existing clients in the space Oct. 6. After a few weeks of getting operations in the new facility ironed out, he says the company is now accepting new clients there. Rowley stresses that the 20|20 CrossFit program is open to people at all fitness levels.

New 20|20 clients go through a five-session “on-ramp” program that teaches the fundamentals of crossfit training. Clients then sign up for training program that allows them to attend group training sessions whenever they want.

“Our focus is to instruct proper movement patterns that enable individuals to train safely and take those skills with them into their daily lives,” Rowley said. “We’re all about getting people more fit in the gym but the real reward is enabling our clients to do all the things they want to do outside the gym.”

You can find out more about 20|20 CrossFit here.