Prairie Village woman with Hunter Pence signs in yard rethinking strategy

Prairie Village resident Rachel Raile generated a bevy of local attention — and some from Giants fans across the country — after we published pictures of the more-than 20 Hunter Pence signs she planted in her yard last week.

But after the Royals dropped games four and five to the Giants in San Francisco, Ralle is wondering whether she needs to shift her strategy:


But lest you think she’s prepared to do away with the Giant-goading entirely, think again.

“Maybe I should go after Bumgarner,” she wrote us. “Or Sandoval?”

And then, a change of heart: “I’m thinking if I do ‘Hunter Pence not such a bad guy,’ signs maybe things will turn around? ‘Hunter Pence noticed when I got my hair cut.’ ‘Hunter Pence waves at sign flippers.’ ‘Hunter Pence turns into the skid.'”

Thoughts on the best course of action, Villagers?