Shawnee Mission district gains enrollment for school year, stopping recent trend down

Highlands is one of the schools on the security upgrade agenda.
Highlands is one of the schools showing an increase in students this year.

The official enrollment numbers posted for the Shawnee Mission School District this school year show a small increase in the student population. The district gained 68 students for a total of 27,481 enrolled in the 2014-15 school year.

The official head count for the state includes pre-school, four-year-old at risk students and special education students. The uptick in enrollment this year represents the first gain over the last five-year period.

At SM East, the student population dropped by 21 students with a smaller senior class this year, but a larger incoming freshman class. The school has lost students each year, but could be poised to stop that trend with the graduation of its smallest senior class in recent years in 2015. SM East has 1,634 students this year, down from 1,872 five years ago.

SM North declined by only nine students this year. It also has a small senior class this year. SM North has 1,530 students this year, down from 1,649 five years ago.

Briarwood, one of the elementary schools scheduled to be rebuilt, continued to grow with a population of 595 students this year, up five from last year and up 74 over the last five years.

A sampling of other enrollment totals: Indian Hills up 16 to 837; Hocker Grove down 23 to 770; Roesland up 14 to 387; Corinth was up 31 to 543; Westwood View down 11 to 274; Highlands up 21 to 311; Prairie down 11 to 420; Rushton down 26 to 332; Sante Fe Trail up one to 291.

The district report can be found here.  The link to each school report can be found here.