Firefighters retrieve World Series tix from Mission Hills fire, and homeowner gets a visit from George Brett in the process

World_Series-TixAn attic fire that had a Mission Hills woman terrified that she might lose her seats to the World Series turned into a chance for her to meet a Royals World Series legend.

Consolidated Fire District No. 2 got a report around 10 a.m. Tuesday of a fire at a home in the 6400 block of Norwood. When firefighters arrived on the scene, smoke was coming from the attic.

“It seemed to be pretty minor, but we had to clear everybody out and get up there to find out what was going on,” said Chief Tony Lopez. But as the firefighters checked out the situation, Lopez says, the owner was frantically trying to get back in the home.

“Finally we had to stop her and ask what was going on,” he said. “She told us there were World Series tickets in there that she had to get out.”

So firefighters found out where the tickets had been stashed — in a kitchen drawer next to the oven — and quickly headed inside to retrieve them.

About this time two men passed by and stopped to see what all the commotion was about. One of them was a face familiar to anyone who’s been watching the Royals playoff games: Hall of Famer George Brett, who lives just a few blocks away.

“I think they were out just walking the dogs,” Lopez said. “The owner was pretty happy. She got her tickets back. Then she made everybody get together to take pictures with the firefighters and her and George Brett.”

Lopez said the fire was caused by a can light that overheated likely on account of a too-big bulb that came in contact with insulation. Damage to the home was minor and the family was able to reoccupy the house immediately.