Food on Friday: How to fry an egg


By Julia Westhoff

We eat A LOT of eggs in this house – 3 dozen or more a week. We eat eggs every morning and many evenings. They are my protein of choice because they are cheap, easy, versatile and we all like them. We scramble them, poach them, and mix them in with our veggie, pasta, or rice dishes – using them the same way you would use any other protein.

But of all the ways to cook them, my absolute is crispy fried egg. And I just recently learned how to make the perfect one. Want to try? It’s super simple.

Pour a generous splash of olive oil into your frying pan. Heat the oil on medium high until it is smoking, then quickly crack your eggs into the pan. They will bubble up and splatter (watch out!). Season them with salt and pepper and let them cook for a minute or two. Slide them off and enjoy the crispy goodness.