Our questions for candidates for Kansas House of Representatives


In addition to the questions for the candidates for county commission published earlier this morning, we will be posing questions to candidates for the Kansas House of Representatives in four of the districts that cover northeast Johnson County. We have put together the five questions below with the help of suggestions from readers over the last week.

We will be sending these questions to candidates in Kansas House District 19 (Patricia Stratton and Stephanie Clayton); Kansas House District 21 (Amy Bell and Barbara Bollier); Kansas House District 24 (Jarrod Ousley and Brandon Hermreck); and Kansas House District 25 (Jennifer Robinson and Melissa Rooker).

  • With the passage of new gun laws, the Kansas Legislature has removed the ability of cities to make their own choices on when and where open and concealed carry of firearms is allowed. Should cities be allowed to set their own restrictions on guns and knives? What are the major components of a gun bill that you could support?
  • This year the Kansas Legislature approved a modest increase in the local option budget (LOB) that allows school districts to raise more tax money locally. Do you believe that local school districts should be allowed to raise additional unlimited local dollars, with voter approval, once the state formula is adequately funded?
  • State individual income tax revenue was again below projections in September collections. Do the continuing shortfalls pose a genuine threat to the delivery of services in the state? When the Legislature convenes in 2015, what steps should it take to address these shortfalls?
  • Johnson County has been the economic engine of Kansas delivering a substantial portion of the state’s tax revenue. What are the most effective steps the state could take to make sure that Johnson County continues its track record of economic productivity?
  • What are the three most important differences between you and your opponent?