See a problem that needs to be fixed? In Mission, there’s an app for that

Mission_AppDo you ever notice little problems around town that you wish the city would fix – the pothole on your street, the broken swing in the park, the sign that has been vandalized – but you don’t know whom to call or it’s too much trouble? In Mission, there is now an app for that.

The city has deployed the YourGOV system by Cartegraph that will allow anyone with the app on their phone or tablet to instantly report a problem that needs to be addressed. The app recognizes the current location and has categories of pre-listed issues such as pothole, playground, sign, debris that can be tapped for an instant report. Of course, the “other” category takes everything not already on the list.

The app opens a display that allows the user to take a picture of the problem and add a description if more detail is desired. Since it already has captured GPS (if you use it when you are looking at the problem), no need for an explanation on location.

Mission Public Works Director John Belger said the report goes seamlessly into scheduling software at his department so repairs can be assigned. The person reporting the problem will get confirmation that it was received and a followup on what action was taken. Users can see a list of work that has been scheduled in Mission.

The system only works in Mission because no other city government nearby is using the software, Belger said. But it does work if you are in other cities that use the system.

To get started, go to the app store and search for YourGOV. It’s a free download.