What questions do you have for the candidates on the November ballot?

Prairie Village Mayor Ron Shaffer facing off against former Mission Mayor Laura McConwell in the District 1 County Commission race will be one of the highlights of the November ballot.

Well, dear readers, it is time once again when we ask for your help in putting questions to the candidates running in the November election. Please let us know what you would like to ask them and we will put together our questionnaire based on your suggestions.

The races for which we will be sending out candidate questionnaires are:

Johnson County Commission Chair (Ed Eilert and Patricia Lightner)
Johnson County Commission District 1 (Laura McConwell and Ron Shaffer)
Kansas House District 19 (Patricia Stratton and Stephanie Clayton)
Kansas House District 21 (Amy Bell and Barbara Bollier)
Kansas House District 24 (Jarrod Ousley and Brandon Hermreck)
Kansas House District 25 (Jennifer Robinson and Melissa Rooker)

Send us your suggestions for questions at stories@shawneemissionpost.com, via Twitter, via Facebook, or in the comments section.

We will be finalizing our questionnaires this weekend – so be sure to send in your questions by Sunday for them to be considered. Thanks for your contributions and be sure to look for how the candidates answer you later this month.