If you liked Lancer lipdub, you might want to take a look at this Shawnee Mission video, too


So, remember that SM East lipdub video that we showed you almost a year ago? If you liked that one (and thousands of you did), then you might want to take a look at this new video that was shown to close out yesterday’s Shawnee Mission Education Foundation breakfast.

Think of it as SM East lipdub goes district-wide. And if it has a bit of a familiar feel, it is because the hands of 2014 SM East grad Heather Foley and SM East assistant principal Britt Haney are all over the filming and production of this one, just like the sensational piece of work from last year.

This one features students, teachers and administrators from across Shawnee Mission, and our NEJC schools are well represented. You will quickly find out which teachers can dance and which ones – well, not so much.

Foley was in the video production class last year at SM East and was instrumental in helping put together the Lancer video. She is now at Johnson County Community College studying to be a nurse, but she did take another video production class this year, her mother reports. Much of the work on the newest piece was accomplished during the last school year. Haney said the filming wrapped up in June and Foley spent the summer going through hours of video to cut it down to four minutes. “That’s why she is the amazing story behind this,” he said.

Haney credits his 15 years as a band director for giving him the background to work on the storyboard and production. Last year SM East principal John McKinney challenged him to work on the Lancer lipdub which then led to the latest video. “I really enjoyed both challenges.”

The idea for the new video, according to the district’s Leigh Anne Neal, came from a meeting between Dr. Gillian Chapman and Haney. Foley was brought in to work with Haney to develop the finished product with the district’s communication team.

In the closing credits that is Foley in the middle and Haney on the right. So, let’s get to it:

Watching that probably brings back some old memories – makes you want to take another peek at the Lancer video from last year. Enjoy: