Three NEJC fiberhoods qualified to start Google residential hookups; Merriam close to goal

All three areas of northeast Johnson County that were the first of the county’s Google fiberhoods have qualified for service and should be getting hookups to residences soon. In addition, fiberhoods in Merriam that were announced later are closing in on reaching their signup goals before the October deadlines.

fiber-rabbitThe Cedar Roe, Rainbow Boulevard and Shawnee Indian Mission fiberhoods had a signup deadline of September 12. The three areas essentially cover Roeland Park, Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods. Each of the fiberhoods is now listed as “constructing” on the Google site. A Google spokesperson said that language meant that they are now in the stage for connections to be made to individual residences.

Residents will receive a call or email to make arrangements for the household connection, Google says. City officials were not aware of household connections being made yet.

Over in Merriam, the five fiberhoods that touch the city have nearly met the goal. One neighborhood, Campbell Park, has only 14 more signups needed and the others need from 44 to 70 more signups. The signup period in Merriam extends to October 30, so plenty of time still remains.

Google asks for residents to meet signup goals for service before residential service is provided. However, the infrastructure construction has begun before the signup period was complete in the Johnson County cities. No dates have been given for service to be extended to the remainder of northeast Johnson County. Google crews continue to work on the fiberhut behind the Mission target.