Indian Hills prepares to mark 60th anniversary; still looking for two-generation families

Families enrolling students at Indian Hills and other northeast Johnson County public schools this summer will be paying less for textbook rental.
Indian Hills has undergone extensive remodeling in the last few years.

Indian Hills is preparing to mark its 60th school year with a celebration on October 10 that will open the school for tours of the building. Indian Hills underwent extensive construction during the last few years.

The open house for the community will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. that afternoon. Since it is the last day of the quarter, no classes are in session.

A new display that honors families with two or more generations who have attended Indian Hills in those 60 years will be unveiled on the celebration day. It will be in a new large display case across the hall from the office. The display will include family names of those who have attended Indian Hills and dates of their enrollment. The display will be updated each year.

Two-generation families who have not yet provided their information for the display can email it to or drop off the information at the school. It should include the names of those who attended Indian Hills, the dates and the relationships of family members. A form can be found here. Information submitted by September 25 can be included in the display.

Indian Hills students will have an opportunity to estimate the number of family groups registered by September 26 for the display. Winners will receive a copy of the booklet: Indian Hills Middle School, 1955-2005, 50 Years of Excellence.

Former faculty and staff and past PTA presidents have been invited to a morning tour and to a lunch buffet on the celebration day.