Food on Friday: The great lunch box debate


By Julia Westhoff

It’s back to school for our littles (they’re not quite school age, but their pre-school follows the same calendar), and this morning’s conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hey girls – we’re out of bread so I packed you guys some hummus and crackers instead of PB&J”.
Me: “Luckily, you love hummus!”
Me: “I’ll get some more bread today.”

The thing is, the girls do love hummus. And they love pasta, roast chicken, quesadillas and a million other things that we have for dinner. But here’s the rub – they only like them at dinner time. They revolt if I try to pack this stuff in their lunches – they don’t eat a bite of it. Why is that?

Does anyone out there have suggestions on how to get your kids to love lunch food that’s not peanut butter and jelly? What do you pack for your kids’ lunches?