Court petition reveals Evan-Talan is homebuilder looking to buy Homestead property

Homestead land sale
Builder Evans-Talan says it wants to put 10 to 12 homes on the Homestead property.

Documents filed with the federal bankruptcy court handling the Chapter 11 proceedings of Homestead Country Club reveal that the club intends to sell the front six acres of its property to Evan-Talan Homes, a Leawood-based custom home builder.

Evan-Talan president Cory Childress cautioned that the sale is still tentative given the situation with the bankruptcy court and that “many things have to transpire for this to go through,” but said the location of the property and the chance to be able to tie in to Homestead made the purchase appealing.

Childress said the company would likely build ten to 12 homes on the land, but that he couldn’t predict when they might be ready to break ground.

“There is a potential lengthy legal process to go through as part of this process with Homestead and the bankruptcy court and there is also approval from the city for the proposed development,” he said. “Impossible to guess at when all of this might transpire.  Once we are at that point I would guess that we would start homes immediately and the average home would take 12 months for completion.  We just can’t predict when each home would start.”

Evan-Talan has built and remodeled several homes in Prairie Village, Fairway and Mission Hills recently. The Homestead land sale must be approved by the bankruptcy court.