IKEA opening spawns a new business in NEJC: putting all the pieces together

Drew Joyner hopes to make a going business specializing in IKEA assembly.
Drew Joyner hopes to make a going business specializing in IKEA assembly.

So, you head to IKEA as soon as it opens and start buying furniture, haul it home and open the box. And then you are stumped by the assembly process. You are in luck because a new NEJC business will handle that sometimes perplexing task for you.

The new IKEA store opening in Merriam in 25 days has spawned another new business for a NEJC entrepreneur. Drew Joyner has been preparing for about a year to handle IKEA assembly and has formed Kansas City Assembly which specializes in putting together anything IKEA sells.

Joyner was working in lab equipment sales and found himself in Florida in need of an installer for a project. The installer told Joyner that his main work was IKEA projects. That was about the time IKEA announced it was coming to Merriam and an idea was born. “Wow, that makes sense,” Joyner thought. “I saw a need.” A bit of research later about IKEA installers in other cities and Joyner wanted to be the first in the Kansas City metro to specialize in IKEA assembly.

He formed his company last year and started small, doing it on weekends. Even though he billed himself as IKEA assembly, it began to spill over into requests to install televisions, basketball goals and other items, which he will continue to service. Along the way, a customer asked for an IKEA kitchen install, which he couldn’t handle. Now, he has added a subcontractor who can do the kitchens so he can cover “anything you could get at IKEA.” With the thousands of items the store sells, it can sometimes be hard to predict how long it will take, but he has pricing for every piece of furniture.

He hopes the specialty business will take off when the store opens here. Already, he says 70 percent of his business comes from NEJC, primarily Prairie Village, Leawood and Overland Park. “We go to the customer’s home,” Joyner said. And for larger items, he will arrange delivery from the store.