Fairway releases recommendations for Little Free Library restrictions

There is at least one Little Free Library in Fairway already — this structure on Brookridge Drive.

A Fairway committee has put forth a series of recommendations for changes to the city’s development ordinance that would allow for the legal placement of Little Free Libraries there — with some restrictions.

Building inspector/codes administrator Bill Sandy said Fairway’s Special Planning Commission Committee has been meeting since resident Erin Margolin approached the city in June seeking permission to have a Little Free Library placed outside her house on Glenfield Drive. Sandy said the committee is considering allowing Little Free Libraries in the city if they are “placed outside of the right-of-way, no taller than 5 feet from grade and somewhere between 2 and 5 cubic feet.”

A consultant will giving a preliminary presentation of the proposed ordinance changes to the city council Sept. 8. The Planning Commission will then take up the issue Sept. 29. If the Planning Commission approves the changes, they’ll go to the city council for final approval Oct. 13.

We’ve had a number of people ask about an existing Little Free Library in Fairway on Brookridge Drive. We put in a note to Sandy asking whether that Little Free Library had been installed in violation of city code, and haven’t received a response yet.